Honoring Past Heroes

This page is set up to honor some of the individuals who have directly influenced those of us in the 21st Century, and have laid the firm foundation for us to stand.


Mr. Leary Scipio – Trinidad & Tobago

Former Athlete & Retired Oil Field Engineer – Management


Full Name: Leary Scipio

Born: May 27, 1931 (age 85 years)

Died: December 31st, 2016

Birthplace: La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago

Sport: Athletics

Disciplines: High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Decathlon


Mr. Scipio’s objective was always to motivate.

He compared his coaching style to the experience of competing in a relay race, where each person has to run their leg of the race and pass the baton on.

He often encouraged others to remember that no man is a God, and whatever one man can do someone else can do better. It was then up to the individual to rely on themselves, strive harder and do their part.

His habit of giving back to his sport; of helping others build on what was accomplished before them through utilizing their own strengths has left a legacy that is to be admired.


Picture Video of Achievements:


Ministry of Sports: National Sports Archive of Trinidad & Tobago: Interview with Leary Scipio April 15th 2014: http://www.sportarchivestt.com/athletes/leary-scipio/

Video Created by: 21stCenturyInnovators.com