People Are Talking

The Following Questions were Asked to Participants of the 2015 & 2016 Pilot Programs.


How would you describe 21st Century Innovators Program?

  • Unique, Useful and Very Informative.


How would you rate the quality of the program?

  • 100% Very Positive


What did you like most about this program?

  • It provides education that is unique and useful
  • It helped me broaden my knowledge and developed new ideas
  • This program provide young people with creative thinking, leadership skills, and knowledge
  • The level of detail that went into the delivery of each session was EXCELLENT!
  • It provides an avenue for young people to create, develop, and implement their ideas into a brand
  • Meeting new people from different countries, cultures and societies, and sharing ideas to create culturally specific solutions
  • This program gives students a great chance for exposure to entrepreneurship needs that is not given through traditional education. It also opens their minds to global concerns, innovation, teamwork endeavors, and presentation skills
  • The speakers that were brought in were a great addition to the program.


Would you continue to participate with this program?

  • Yes, I believe it will take me a long way
  • Program was very informative
  • I can see an even bigger passage of information at the global international level.


Would you likely recommend this program to a friend or colleague?

  • 99.9% Yes